Aquí le presentamos algunas de la preguntas más frecuentes

Preguntas más frecuentes

1. The condenser coil should be cleaned at regular intervals.

A.) Static coils, the ones that run down the back of your refrigerator, never need to be cleaned. Just make sure you don’t drape a blanket over them. B.) Compact condenser coils can go for as much a decade before needing to be cleaned but still, you should check them yearly. C.) High efficiency condenser coils require far more maintenance, needing either the coil or its intake vents to be cleaned at least once per year. If you have indoor pets, then such maintenance is needed every six months. D.) Knowing where the intake vents are and considering how one might access them for regular maintenance is essential for the long term health of your Refrigerator so be sure to inquire about them before making your purchase.

2. Know what you want out of your refrigerator

A.) There is as much difference between modern refrigerators as there is between a sports car and a 6 wheel diesel pickup truck. Both of those vehicles will take you from point A to point B but the rest of there function is very different. Same with Refrigerators. B.) A single evaporator side by side refrigerator will last you almost twice as long as a duel evaporator French door refrigerator but your food will last almost twice as long in a duel evaporator french door refrigerator. C.) Some product boast about there large Ice bins and rapid refill times while others only have a small token Ice maker that might make enough to fill 10 glasses each day. D.) Others come with a wide variety of separated compartments with there own temperature controls for maximum versatility. E.) While others still have accessories such a tablets built into the door, cameras on the inside or even coffee machines built into the dispenser. Just about anything you could want is available somewhere.

3. Keep track of the water filter for best water quality.

A.) Many refrigerators have water filters and better yet, filter receptacles with built in bypasses so that you could take the filter out and still get water. B.) Speaking of filters. Most refrigerator filters are carbon filters. This means that they can filter out chemicals such and chlorine and bromine but only for so long. If you are on a public and treated water supply then you should change the filter every 3 to 6 months if you want to make sure that your water is filtered of synthetic chemicals. C.) Filters may need to be changed more often if the unit is on well water. Observing the water pressure that comes out of the dispenser is the best indicator for if the filter is becoming restricted as the pressure will go down when the filter is becoming full. The filter should be replaced before pressure falls below 60% of normal. D.) Always use factory specified filters as there are several after market products available and often these knock off will have problems such as poor performance, leaking and short life span.

4. Make sure to understand how to and then always stock your refrigerator properly.

A.) If you have a french door with a freezer drawer then improperly loading it can result in the drawer getting stuck just before fully closing and causing all kinds of moisture, frost and not cooling issues. B.) Too much weight in the door can lead to the hinges or frame becoming warped over time. C.) Blocking air vents with groceries or packaging can quickly lead to cooling failure. D.) Various crisper drawers will have adjustments that focus on the kinds of groceries stored in them. Humidity controls for example, are used to determine if the customer is stocking meats or fruits in the crisper drawer. High humidity of fruit and low humidity for meats.

5. It is Strongly advised that any Electronic Controlled Appliance should be on its own circuit supplying its power

Almost all modern Refrigerators are operated by electronic controls and any electronic controlled appliance prefers to have its own power supply, its own circuit or breaker. While it is not necessarily required for an electronic controlled appliance to have its own breaking, not having the electronic controlled appliance on its own breaker will shorten the life span of various components due to the electronic noise and electrical back feed.

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Aqui le presentamos algunas de la preguntas mas frecuentes

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